About us

BOHEMIA EXPERTS, s.r.o. assessment company was founded on January 26, 1998, as a follow-up of several years of activities performed by experts nominated by court in various fields of activity.
On April 8, 1999, our Company was enrolled by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic in the list of expert institutes and simultaneously was awarded the authority to provide expert opinions, valuations and appraisals in the area of economy within the scope authorizing our Company to assess the majority of property transactions permitted by the law.
In addition, on July 23, 2001 the Trade Department of the Municipal Authority Prague 8 granted our Company trade licence for “Valuations of property – personal chattels, real estates, intangible property, financial instruments and enterprises”.

Quality of services
Successful market activities require the most professional approach and ongoing development of professional and technical prerequisites of each entity. We therefore specialize solely on services relating to property valuations and our priority is to achieve and maintain the top quality. We have extensive experience in valuations, which is reflected in the quality of our outputs.
Thanks to our objective and independent approach, the expert opinions, valuations and appraisals prepared by our Company are appreciated by both public authorities (administrative bodies, courts) and private subjects (institutions and individuals). Due to the fact that our Company specializes solely in valuations, it is possible to provide unbiased and independent investment, market and fair valuations.

Professional approach
One of the decisive factors of success is the selection of best quality professionals. As our company strives for satisfying long-term needs of its clients, it puts the major emphasis on high quality of our services provided at fair charge.
We support our individual and professional approach to each of our clients also by the fast and timely provision of results of our work. We guarantee the compliance with agreed time schedules.

Protection of client’s business concerns
The primary focus of our company is also the protection of business secrets and business concerns of our clients. An absolutely discreet approach is a matter of course in our Company.

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