Purpose of valuations and appraisals
The purposes for which we execute our expert opinion reports, valuations and appraisals include:
– sales and purchases of an enterprise or parts thereof
– sales and purchases of property or rights
– in kind contributions in the registered capital
– public auctions
– mergers, squeezing-outs, divisions and other transformations of companies
– take-over bids
– delisting procedures
– controlling contracts
– appraisals of usual prices in transactions between interdependent entities
– capitalization of receivables
– credit transactions
– bankruptcy or liquidation purposes
– tax purposes
– court and arbitration purposes
– management decision-making
– investment decision-making

Our standard services include following valuations of:
– enterprises or a part thereof
– shareholdings or ownership interest in a company
– securities and their derivatives
– receivables and debts
– mortgages and pledges
– real estates
– facilities and technological units
– machinery, devices and other personal chattels
– intangible property (know-how, goodwill, intellectual property etc.)
– property rights

Moreover we provide assessments of:
– suretyships and warranties
– creditworthiness of business entities
– credit risks
– business plans
– financial health
– etc.

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